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Lake Como Wedding Celebrants and Officiants

With stunning pre alpine mountains, rustic traditional villages and deep waters, Lake Como makes the perfect backdrop to an Italian Lake Wedding. For this reason, many couples opt for Lake Como and organise their weddings here.

Lake Como Wedding Officiant

More and more couples are choosing Lake Como for an elopement or intimate wedding and need a wedding celebrant or officiant to hold the wedding ceremony in English. These elopements or small weddings in the Italian Lakes are really touching, the ceremony script can be designed specifically for you so it remains the perfect memory for years to come.

Wedding venues such as Villa Balbianello, Villa Monastero, Villa Teodolinda and Villa Vittoria... the list goes on are perfect wedding venues for either a civil or symbolic weddings and we perform as wedding officiants or interpreters for both civil and symbolic ceremonies in Lake Como and other parts of Italy.

Same sex civil partnerships are legal in Italy and we have been lucky enough to conduct ceremonies for several same sex couples, both civil and symbolic ceremonies.

Some of our couples have a clear idea of what they want from their wedding ceremony from the outset, others have none. We work with each of our couples, crafting the perfect wedding ceremony script, this is especially true for symbolic ceremonies. We ask each of our couples to complete a questionnaire so we know a bit about you and are able to start writing your personalised wedding ceremony, be it in Lake Como or elsewhere in Italy.

All of our celebrants and officiants are native English speakers and we try to really understand each of our couples, whether they want a touch of humour, romance or spirituality, we are able to craft your perfect wedding ceremony.

Italian civil ceremonies are a little different. This is when you get legally married here in Italy. The procedure of getting your documents varies on the country where you are from and also the town where you get married. Please be aware that some town hall request that you are present a few days before the wedding to sign a declaration prior to getting married. We often help our couples with this procedure, either they choose our documents service or they ask us to be present during the declaration as well. Every couple is different so please get in touch and let us know a little bit about you.

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