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4 Reasons To Have A Symbolic Ceremony in Italy

You've chosen to get married in Italy, now the next thing to decide is whether to have a civil or a symbolic ceremony. A civil ceremony is a legally binding ceremony, you will have the mayor present at the ceremony and you will be legally married on that day. Many couples however choose to have a symbolic ceremony instead. A symbolic ceremony is not a legal wedding ceremony, you would get married legally back home but you, your friends and family would consider the symbolic ceremony as your real and official wedding day. There are some good reasons why couples opt for a symbolic ceremony

1. Venues- There are only a limited number of venues where you can hold a civil ceremony. Perhaps you've found the perfect stunning villa, beach, mountain top or hotel but you can't hold a civil ceremony. A symbolic ceremony allows you to choose any spot for your wedding day

2. Costs- Civil ceremonies can cost up to €2000 more than a symbolic one. Every town hall and venue charges different amounts but a symbolic ceremony can help you to keep the costs down

3. Time- Depending on where you are from, you will need to start preparing your legal documents back home up to 6 months before your wedding date. Certain nationalities will also need to go to their embassy some weeks before their wedding day, bare this in mind when you are planning a civil ceremony

4. Personalised - A civil ceremony is a legal ceremony and it's rather formal, have a look at the script here. If that's not you, a symbolic ceremony gives you complete freedom on your ceremony so you can create your ideal, personalised wedding ceremony

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