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Italian Civil Ceremony Vows

An Italian civil ceremony must be done by the mayor or a represntive from the local town hall, it will then be translated by an interpreter, here is the English version

Art. 143 Reciprocal rights and duties of the husband and wife. Upon marrying, the husband and wife acquire the same rights and assume the same duties. The state of matrimony requires a reciprocal obligation to fidelity, to moral and material assistance, to collaboration in the interest of the family and to cohabitation (that is, sharing a family home). Both the husband and wife are expected to contribute to the needs of the family, each pledging in relation to their own financial circumstances and personal capacity, relative to their profession, whether inside our outside the family home. Art. 144 The address of the family home The husband and wife will agree together on the physical address of their home and establish the family residence according to the needs of both, and of the pre-eminent needs of the family itself. It is within the power of each of the spouses to bring the agreed upon address, into being. Art. 147 Duties regarding children The state of matrimony requires from both the husband and wife the duty of supporting, raising and educating their children, keeping in mind their natural abilities, their inclinations and aspirations. After this premise, I invite you to answer the following questions. Does Mr ______declare he wants to take as his wife Miss _____here present? Does Miss _____declare she wants to take as her husband Mr. ______here present? Further to their respective declarations in the affirmative, I hereby pronounce that XXX and XXX are united in matrimony. You may kiss the bride. After these vows, the following statement will also be read: WEDDING CEREMONY On this X day of the month of X in the year XXXX at XX pm, in a room open to the public in the Town Hall of XXX, before ___________ Registrar of the Town Hall of XXX, with the authority vested in him by the Mayor of XXX have hereby come to stand before him in person: Groom name , DOB, POB Bride name, DOB, POB who have asked me to unite them in matrimony and to this effect, they have presented me with documents prepared as verbal statements containing the declarations that will be filed in this register together with the documents produced. Upon examination of all the afore-mentioned documents, I see no impediment to this marriage and I have read Articles 143, 144 and 147 of the Civil Code to the bride and groom, and have I asked the Groom whether he will take __________________ here present as his wife, and I have asked the Bride, in turn, whether she will take _______________ here present as her husband; and each having responded YES of their own free will and to the full understanding of the witnesses, I have thus declared them united in matrimony. The following witnesses were present at this Act of Matrimony: _ born in ___________ on _______ resident in __________ and ___________ born in ______ on _____________ resident in _________ . I hereby give notice that the request, the declarations, the responses to the questions above-mentioned given by the bride and groom, who do not speak Italian, were relayed to me by ______________________, born in __________ on _______________ and resident in ________________, who has sworn according to law. Through the same interpreter I communicated the afore-mentioned Articles from the Civil Code the Bride and Groom. I asked each of them whether they wish to be joined in matrimony and I communicated to each of them their respective affirmative answers, upon which followed my declaration of having united them in matrimony. After the interpreter has communicated the contents of this declaration to the Bride and Groom and the witnesses, the declaration will be duly signed by all, including the Official.

After this you can read your own personal vows if you wish

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