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8 Tips on Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing those all important vows can seem simple but when you sit down to do them you can be at a loss. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

1. Write a list- Writing a list of things that you want to include can help you to start writing the vows. Think about some these, how you met, what makes your partner unique, funny moments, how you see the future together, promises you want to make

2. Speak to your partner- You don't want your vows to be too different. Speak to your partner about how you want them to sound, romantic, funny, poignant, poetic. You may want to include some phrases that sound similar, I promise to...

3. Research- There are lots of examples of vows out there. Do some research, read examples of vows on the net and don't be afraid to pinch some lines you like

4. Speak to your celebrant- They have lots of experience, feel free to send us a copy of your vows and we will give you some advice

5. Start early- Try not to leave it to the last moment, it is easily done when you are planning a wedding but will only add to the stress

6. Write for you- Don't worry about your friends and family, the vows are for the two of you. Try to think of things that your partner does for you or you do for your partner...I promise to always unpack the shopping... At the end of the day, it is your moment, do what you feel happy with, write a sonnet, rap or don't have any vows at all!

7. Keep it short- Vows shouldn't be too long, you don't want anyone dozing off! Consider having a 250-300 word count or timing yourself, 3 minutes maximum

8. Practise- The key is to feel confident, practise the vows as much as possible, out loud too. If there are any tricky bits that you often forget, change them or write keywords down until you know it off by heart

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